Tania Abadjieva

Country: Bulgaria

Title:  Making Light the Interior

Medium: Installation: room full of 800 little celophane cubes


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Abadjieva was born in Pazardjik, Bulgaria. She attended the High School of Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; realized "The concept" at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria in the specialized course of professor Vassil Simitchiev of the Academy KONSFAC, Stockholm, Sweden; and received her MA in Graphic Art from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. She is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Gallery Ata-rai, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1997; and Gallery Art 36, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1995.

Her selected group exhibitions include: City Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998; City Gallery, Munich, Germany, 1998; Ata Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998; New Gallery, Plovdiv Old City, Bulgaria, 1998; The 3rd International Biennial Contemporary Arts, Tzetine, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, 1997; Arsnatio, Soros Centre of the Arts Annual Exhibition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1997; Intergrafia '97: The International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Krakow, Poland, 1997; The 3rd International Biennial Graphic Art (Dry point), Ujitze, Yugoslavia, 1997; The 9th International Biennial Graphic Art, Varna, Bulgaria, 1997; The 4th International Biennial Graphic Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1996; VideoHarT, Soros Center for the Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria and National Museum of Archeology, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1995; Bulgarian Graphic Art, Oslo, Norway, 1995; Graphic Art Competition, Ferol, Spain, 1995; and Museo de Artes Visualise, Caracas, Venezuela.
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