Erica Adams

Country: USA

Title:  Kronosphere Dream Culture: Pk Spy Barbie

Medium: Computer generated image

Size: Life-size

The World's Women On-Line!

This image is a still-frame from Adams' macromedia director movie, Kronosphere: Dream Culture (1995). The work represents over a decade of involvement with mediated, appropriated imagery, theory, and the collapse of public/private distinctions in post modern life. Architecture increasingly represents the body as in Adams' 1991 EXXON photographs in which her concern with post industrial, corporate landscape evolves.

Adams is a multimedia artist who received a Faculty Enrichment Grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation in 1994. Her work is in the Polaroid Permanent Collection and collections in Germany, Italy, Argentina, and the United States. Adams teaches Painting and "Between Media" at The Boston Museum School, Tufts University, 1977 to present.

Her selected exhibitions include: Hippie an Anonymous Group Show, 88 Room, Boston, Massachusetts, 1996; It's a Class Act, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, 1996; Boston Now: Photography, MOBIUS, Boston, Massachusetts, 1995; Photo Works 1993, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts, 1993; and Acceptable Entertainment, I.C.I. traveling show, 1988-'90.
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