Myoe Aonuma

Country: Japan

Title:  Ryokuyu Yohen Hana-Ire

Medium: Ceramics

Size: 23.5 x 15.3 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Aonuma was born in Tokyo, Japan. She holds annual private exhibitions at her studio and has presented tea cups to members of the Royal Family. Her work has won prizes at the Asahi Craft Exhibition and the Nagano Prefectural Craft Exhibition.

To Aonuma, making pottery is not simply an art -- it is just like a prayer for life. More than thirty years have passed since she began working with ceramics. She was ill then, and the clay which happened into her life gave her the energy to live. Her pieces are called Zenkoji-yaki after a temple in Nagano, Japan which attracts more than six million prayers annually. Aonuma adds ash from the great incense burner in Zenkoji to her pottery glazes. In 1997, she lost a piece of bone in her left wrist due to medical mistreatment. When she was in a deep depression, she took up the clay and it helped her remember a joy of creation and a prayer for life. Now, she enjoys life more, being engaged in the world of the art. She states, "making pottery is an indispensable assistance for my life."
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