Sylvia Ary

Country: Canada

Title:  The Dance II

Medium: Oil

Size: 24 x 30 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Ary's work is included in the following collections: Côte St-Luc Library, Côte St-Luc, Canada; Harvard University Centre for Art and Culture, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Hospital of Hope, Montreéal, Canada; Hôtel de Ville, Ville de Laval, Canada; Maimonides Hospital, Montréal, Canada; Montréal Jewish Public Library, Montréal, Canada; and Musée du Québec, Québec, Canada.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal, Canada, 1981; Cardigan-Milne Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada, 1981; Dominion Gallery, Montréal, Canada, 1980; Cummings House, Montréal, Canada, 1980; Galerie Trésor d'Art, Winnipeg, Canada, 1974; Galerie Jeanne Newman, Montréal, Canada, 1973; Galerie Artlenders, Montréal, Canada, 1969; Gallerie Jason Teff, Montréal, Canada, 1966; Kastel Gallery, Montréal, Canada, 1964; Palais Montcalm, Québec, Canada, 1961; Gallery XII: Montréal Museum of Fine Art, Montréal, Canada, 1959; and Art Association of the Montréal Museum, Spring Exhibition, Montréal, Canada, 1948.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Josh Kligerman Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 1993; Les Femmeuses, Pratt & Whitney Institute, Montréal, Canada, 1991; Gallerie Opus II, Montréal, Canada, 1990; Jewish Artists and Modernity, Saide Bronfman Centre, Montréal, Canada, 1988; Galerie Daniel, Montréal, Canada, 1985; Hancock Gallery, New York, 1981; Cardigan Milne Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada, 1978; Palo Alto Art Club, Stanford University, California, 1978; Pratt Institute, New York, 1907 and 71; and Bicentenary of Jewish-Canadian Art, Montréal Museum of Fine Art, Montréal, Canada, 1959.

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