Efrat Baler

Country: Israel

Title:  On The Other Side #6

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 30" x 48"

The World's Women On-Line!

Baler was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She received her BFA in Sculpture and Painting from Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem. In her work, Baler searches for ways to create the illusion of an x-ray vision into the painting. To do so, she uses different variables of the same image and shows it from different perspectives. She tries to expose the elements that compose a painting and to manifest the state of relativity that exists in the viewing and understanding of an artwork.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Paintings 1990-91, Painters and Sculptors Association House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1991; Paintings 1988-90, Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 1990-'91; and Mutations, Anatea Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1985.

Her selected group exhibitions include: National Showcase IV, Alternative Museum, New York, 1995; The Red Building, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1992; Promise, Bezalel new campus, Mount Scoupus, Jerusalem, Israel, 1990; Public Gallery, 35 Lang St., Frankfurt, Germany, 1990; Painters and Sculptors Association House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1989; The Aids Task Force, Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa, Israel, 1988; Catastrophe, Jerusalem Theater, Israel, 1986; First Showing, Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1986; and First Line, Ein Harod Museum, Kibbutz Ein Harod, Israel, 1985.
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