Candida Blyth

Country: England

Title: See Trees

Medium: Earth pigment on hemp canvas


The World's Women On-Line!

She helped set up the Cooltan Gallery in an empty factory in 1991,shared an Alternative Arts empty shop in 1993, and turned her own studio into The Funky Pegasus Gallery in 1994. She also works with children.

Blyth uses earth pigment as paint and this picture reflects time she spent in the desert in India plus her distress at the destruction of trees. A2 prints are available from her at 30 Canadian pounds or international postal order equivalent.

She also makes films, installations, and performance art on female issues such as menstruation, goddess, and Art His(Her)story. Good reviews have been received from TimeOut and Big Issue-- "Evocative power..." and "Colorful, inventive, witty...".
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