Caroline Bussières

Country: Canada

Title:  Le Pilerinage

Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Size: 3' x 4'

The World's Women On-Line!

Bussières has had a number of solo exhibitions in Canada including: Galerie 55 Prince, Montreal, 1994; Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, 1993 and '86; Galerie Frederic Palardy, Montreal, 1992 and '89; Galerie Denise Galand, Orford, 1990; and Galerie Frederic Palardy, Saint-Lambert, 1986, '83, '80, and '77.

Her selected group exhibitions in Canada include: Les Femmeuses, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Longueil, 1995, '93, '92, '89, '88, and '87; Thomas Moore, Maison de la Culture Cote des Neiges, Montreal, 1994 and '93; L'Amour Inpire, Galerie Lacerte Palardy et Ass, Montreal, 1993; Collection Gaz Metropolitain, Place des Arts, Montreal, 1990; and Exposition Chapeaux, Musée Marcil, Saint-Lambert, 1989.
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