Cai Jin

Country: P.R. China

Title:  Banana Plant 48

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 200 x 190 cm

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Cai Jin states, "I am infatuated by red color, when surrounded by it, my strokes become sensitive. I need this feeling, it motivates my emotions, as if it were something unattainable."

She also explains, "I once found casually a banana tree, its big leaves covering its reddish dried body, its shape captivated me, as if its leaves and stem were still breathing, things I sensed in that moment. After some time, these feelings come back to me from time to time. One day, I picked up a brush, put a stroke on the one square meter canvas, and it was very pleasant, as if it were something familiar, paint and colors moving on the canvas. It was 1990."

To Cai Jin, "painting is like doing embroidery, like knitting."
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