Qing Qing Chen

Country: P.R. China

Title:  Home I

Medium: Mixed media: egg, straw, egg basket, electric light, iron wire, old chair, wire

Size: 1 m x 0.40 x 0.45

The World's Women On-Line!

Qing Qing Chen states, "to sketch the life, the people, the emotion, and the psychology; that is my art. It will also record the history of my time". The meanings of her art come from her life, her understanding of life, her methodology of life-- art is her life. She further states, "The end of my life will be the day there is no imagination and creation".

Her selected exhibitions include: City Light IV, Installation, in hall of the biggest department store in the center of Beijing, 1997; Intuition, Experience, Concept, Installation, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, 1997; Qing Qing Chen Installation Art Exhibition, Afro-Asiatische Institut, Vienna, Austria, 1997; Point and Line, Atrium ed Arte, Vienna, Austria, 1996; Homre, Installation, Modern Art Museum, Vienna, Austria, 1996; HeadSculpture Exhibition, Studio Fortschnitt, Vienna Austria, 1996; and Qing Qing Chen Sculpture Exhibition, Century Gallery, Ritan Park, Beijing.
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