Margaret Bailey Doogan

Country: USA

Title:  Ex Cathedra

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 72" x 48"

The World's Women On-Line!

Bailey Doogan's body of work includes film, 3-D constructions, and primarily, painting and drawing. She received her BFA from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and her MA from UCLA. Her animated film, SCREW, A TECHNICAL LOVE POEM has won numerous awards and been previewed in festivals nationally and internationally including: The Cambridge Animation Festival, England; International Festival of Women's Films, Denmark; The Venice Biennale, Italy; The Ann Arbor Film Festival; The American Film Festival; and the Brooklyn and Hirshorn Museums.

Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including: The Alternative Museum, New York; The Hillwood Museum, New York; The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California; The Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona; the San Antonio Museum, Texas; The J. Claramunt, Jayne H. Baum, and ACA Galleries, New York; and Etherton Stern Gallery, Arizona.

Articles and reviews of Bailey Doogan's work have appeared in major publications including: Art in America, ArtNews, The Village Voice, New Art Examiner, Artspace, Art Journal, M/E/A/N/I/N/G, Visions, and The Woman's Art Journal. She currently holds the position of Professor of Painting/Drawing at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
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