Christina Douzeni

Country: Greece

Title:  Seated Woman

Medium: Wood

Size: 1.30 m x 32 cm x 7 m

The World's Women On-Line!

Douzeni was born in Athens, Greece, studied sculpture at the Academia di Belle Arti in Rome, and has lived and worked in Athens since 1993.

Her main works being figurative sculptures in bronze, wood, plaster, or cement, are based on her particular sketches which search the emotional expression of space according to the position of volumes and lines of the figure. She also has works, always based on the same research about space, in ceramics, woodcuts, engravings, and large designs.

Douzeni's solo exhibitions include: Gallery Astra, Athens, Greece, 1993; Galleria d'arte Trifalco, Rome, Italy; Gallery East-West, London, England, 1994; Gallery Astrolavos, Pireus, Greece, 1995. She has also participated in many group exhibitions.
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