Jean Edelstein

Country: USA

Title:  Disaster Series

Medium: Ink & wash on paper

Size: 18" x 21"

The World's Women On-Line!

Edelstein has been deeply moved by journalistic accounts of disasters, poignant images of anonymous individuals who suffer the ravages of military conflict, and severe natural disasters.

Her selected exhibitions include: "Paradise Reinterpreted", Nemiroff-Deutch Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 1994; "Shaman", University of Judaism, Los Angeles, CA, 1993; and "Artist and Shaman", Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, 1992.

Edelstein's work has been included in the following publications: "Jean Edelstein", Flash Art 1993, Sabina Zannier, Trieste, 3/93; "Jean Edelstein at Sherry Frumkin", Artweek, 6/18/92; The Once and Future Goddess, Elinor Gaoon, Harper and Row; and Exposures-Women and Their Art, 1989.
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