Mary Faught & c.j. fleury

Country: Canada

Title:  Enclave Women's Monument Against Violence

Medium: Granite, red shale, and thyme

Size: 7' x 5' x 3' in 12' circle

The World's Women On-Line!

Mary Faught is a landscape architect and sculptor whose work focuses on feminist and social issues and environmental consciousness.

Her selected site-specific outdoor art installations include: Art Terre '92 & '94, Quebec; Harbour front Artists' Gardens, Toronto; and Stone Hill Quarry Art Park, Cazanovia, New York.

Faught's 1995 video work, "My Lover's Moustache" is a collaborative project with Elizabeth Mathews, and will be shown on W.T.N.'s "Shameless Shorts".

The work of C.J. Fleury, which is largely "one to one" and outside of galleries, investigates human spirit, attempts to foster creative processes in others, and leaves symbols that augment the health of society.

Through Public Art Program, she won the first industrial residency of its kind in Canada, to design and fabricate sculpture with city maintenance workers, at the capital's new Municipal Workshop complex in 1994-95.

Fleury has been published in: "La levée de bouchers de c.j. fleury" (the rising of the shields of ...) Le Droit, Ottawa-Hull, Sept. 1992, Joanne Legault and on the CD Rom, Public Art - Now by Annalea Adair, 1996 Canadian Encyclopedia Plus, McClelland Stewart.
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