Ann Ferguson-Durkin

Country: Australia

Title:  Food for the Gods

Medium: Ceramic

Size: 40 x 20 x 22 cm

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Ferguson-Durkin trained at various art colleges in Victoria, Australia and at the Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. She has been working as a sculpture and ceramic artist over a period of twenty years. She now lives and works on an organic farm in rural Victoria, and her work is influenced by the aesthetic of the environment around her, particularly the flowing contours of the mountains and the growing of food crops. Her creative practice uses abstraction as the key to her intuitive process in making art. Colors of the earth, images with water, human figures blending organically with the earth, are all motifs which find abstract representation. Her work ranges from small figurative pieces to life size free standing sculptures, water features, and site specific relief murals for private collections and community spaces in Australia. She can be reached at: RMB 1509, Mansfield 3722, Victoria, Australia.

She created Tiled Pathway with the Artists and Environment Designers in Schools Program at Mansfield Primary School, 1997. In 1996, she executed a Large Ceramic Screen during an Artist in Residence at Mansfield Kindergarten. Also in 1996 she conducted extensive ceramics sessions for the whole school at Mansfield Primary School. Over the years she has given workshops to children and adults and has been a ceramics tutor, a kindergarten teacher, a pre-school teacher, and a pre-school Director. Her work has been published in Australian Home Beautiful, September 1997 with the feature article "Mural Marvel", pp. 17-18, and also in the book, International Women Artists: Entering The Second Millennium, by Georgette L. Owens, 1997, pp. 58-59.

Her selected exhibitions include: Victorian Solo Exhibition, Artists' Garden, Fitzroy, 1997; Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Melbourne, 1997; The Artists' Garden, Southgate, 1997; Ceramic Sculpture by Ann Ferguson-Durkin, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Mornington, Victoria, 1996; Salon D'Automne 1996, Panorama De L'Art Vivant, Espace Eiffel, Branly, Paris, 1996; Fringe Sculpture 1996, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1996; Median To Rare, Mansfield Mountain Country Festival, Mansfield, 1996; Art Affairs, University Terrace, Carlton, Melbourne, 1995; Blackwood Gallery, Meat Market, Melbourne, 1994; Studio Demas, Benalla, 1994; Mansfield Courier Gallery, Mansfield, 1992; Iceburg Gallery, Rankin's Lane, Melbourne, 1983; and Empat Studios, Patung Gallery, Baru Lantal 3, Bandung, Indonesia, 1979.
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