L. Zjawin Francke

Country: USA

Title:  Rain of Fire

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 48" x 36"

The World's Women On-Line!

Francke firmly believes that art should reflect a social conscience and the times in which we live. In focusing on this point of view, she hopes to both educate and raise consciousness of the viewing public. For the past four years, Francke has been creating works which rearrange reality, sometimes surrealistically, to emphasize the global environmental crisis.

The stamp edge, prevalent in both her lithographs and computer assisted works, is a framing device used not only to raise consciousness about the preciousness of nature but to call attention to how we devalue and trivialize it. The minimal size and financial value of a stamp reiterate the small monetary worth we place on beauty in the raw.

Rain of Fire is a computer assisted work. Its idea stems from the Biblical prophesy that fire shall destroy the earth. The four snakes symbolize the four directions: north, south, east and west. Holes in the hands offer an exit for fish to escape, propagate, and replenish the source. The green arms and hands protect the world from the impending doom of air pollution and its acid rain.
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