Alla Georgieva

Country: Bulgaria

Title:  There is a nice carpet at the Georgiev's house

Medium: Rose petals of seven different colors and stems of rose-bushes

Size: 200 x 200 x 130 cm

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Georgieva lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. She received her education at the Art and Design Institute in Kharkov, Ukraine. She is a member of the Club of the (eternally) Young Artist since 1992 and the Bulgarian Artist Union since 1989. Georgieva was awarded Second Prize for Painting from the Tenth International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Art, Gabrovo, Bulgaria in 1991.

Her Installation, There is a Nice Carpet at the Georgiev's House, was exhibited at the Ata Center for the Arts, Sofia, 1998. The installation comprises two elements: a bed and a carpet. The bed is covered with stems of rose bushes and it stands on a carpet made of rose petals in seven different colors. By means of metaphor, Georgieva examines the values of the spiritual and the material in married life, their interrelation and consequences. The bed is regarded as an inevitable and banal symbol of the sexual aspect of love, but it quite often turns into a painfully delicate zone full of dangers, a voluntarily chosen imprisonment, a sacrificial altar, which exists in parallel with the seeming material well-being. The installation has its short life in the course of the exhibition. The carpet withers and collapses. Time eats up the material acquisitions and in this way it makes pointless the sacrifice.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Caprice, ATA Center for the Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998; Black, Grey, White, Shipka 6 Galery, Sofia, 1997; The Version of Erato, Shipka 6 Galery, Sofia, 1997; PaintingArt, Shipka 6 Galery, Sofia, 1996; Hermetic-Chaotic, Section 13, Sofia, 1996; Annual Survey, Section 13, Sofia, 1995; Medical Check-Up, Club of the (eternally) Young Artist, Sofia, 1992; and Hair From a Brush, Club of the (eternally) Young Artist, Sofia, 1992.
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