Edith Goel

Country: Israel

Title:  Co-existence

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 30 cm x 22 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Goel was born in Argentina and emigrated to Israel. An artist, poet, and teacher, Goel has a degree in Spanish and Latin-American Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Graduate Certificate in Librarianship from the Haifa University. Her art education is diverse. She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and learned graphic design at Haifa University. She has also studied drawing and chiaroscuro with Yosef Hirsch; engraving, etching, and collograph with Dan Krieger; watercolor with the well-known Russian painter Aharon April; and Zen painting with the Japanese master Katsuo Ishii.

Her artwork is primarily focused on figures of women across cultures. Expression of culture and mythology, using human symbols, is her quest for the last few years. Also mandalas interest her as a way of exploring our inner self. Her range of media is broad: drawing, collograph, collage, mixed media, and watercolor. She is involved in writing the first anthology of modern Israeli women poets in Spanish, as part of a path for open dialogue with creators, with no boundaries -- Jews, Moslems, Christian, religious, gentile, different approaches. Most recently, Goel has co-founded a literary journal in Spanish. In 2002, She gave homage to Latin-American women in a large solo exhibition, Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), in Almada, Portugal, on the occasion of International Women Day. Goel is currently preparing a series on Muslim and Hindu women, as an expression of grasping onto other human landscapes sharing our planet.

Goel has had several solo and group exhibitions in Israel, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. As an illustrator, her works were published in Israel and abroad. She is the mother of Daniela and Ioni. She is also a poet, writing both in Spanish and Hebrew, and has won a number of literary awards throughout the world. She illustrates her own books of poetry, which are published internationally and translated into different languages. Goel has written five poetry books in Spanish and two in Hebrew.
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