Pat Courtney Gold

Country: USA

Title: Time Spiral With Faces

Medium: Asian hemp

Size: 9" x 6" x 6"

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Pat Courtney Gold is a Wasco-Tlingit Indian, born and raised on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. She grew up in the era without electricity or running water, but felt fortunate to be surrounded by the beauty of the Cascade Forests at the foot of Mt. Jefferson. She recalls her mother sewing and doing beadwork and her grandmother beading hand tanned leather bags. It was a culture shock for her when she was whisked off to the Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school: big cold brick buildings, an oversized standard issue dress, a haircut, spankings with a fly swatter, and a military lifestyle of marching and obeying.

Gold received a BA in Mathematics-Physics at Whitman College. She taught math in community colleges for seven years and then worked as a mathematician-computer specialist for ten years. When she hit the glass ceiling, she turned to a new career. She and her sister started a business, Sally Sisters. They are reviving the art of Wasco Basket weaving: full-turn twined baskets with unique geometric human figures and motifs. Sally Sisters is preserving the technique and recording the traditional designs as well as creating contemporary baskets which reflect the artists' use of colors, fiber varieties, and textures.

Gold's selected exhibitions include: Fourth Annual Indian Art Show, Museum of Anthropology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1994; Oregon Folk Art Show, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 1994; , Fiesta en Santa Fe, Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1994; Reflections of Diversity, Valley Art Gallery, Forest Grove, Oregon, 1994; Old Paths New Directions, Perry Galleries, Alexandria, Virginia, 1994; Tribal Member Art Show, Museum of Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Oregon, 1993; and Basketry Redefined '93, Northwest Folklife Festival and Sticks and Stones Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 1993.
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