Janet Goldner

Country: USA

Title:  -Isms

Medium: Steel

Size: 39" x 24" x 24"

The World's Women On-Line!

In her recent sculpture series, Sticks & Stones, Goldner utilizes text which is burnt / drawn onto bare steel surfaces with a welding torch, to examine American political concepts and myths; contrary to the children's ditty, words have powerful consequences.

These works combine political textual information with the sensuous formal appeal of their welded steel surfaces. Sticks & Stones is a sculptural confluence of perceptions and convictions about identity and power.

In August, 1995, Goldner returned from a Fulbright Research grant in Mali, West Africa where she went to engage in a dialogue with Malian artists and artisans about their lives, their work, and their creative process, to better understand areas of cultural similarity and difference.
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