Jo Hanson

Country: USA

Title:  500 Reasons to Preserve the Earth

Medium: Salvaged wood, paint

Size: 12' x 7' x 8'

The World's Women On-Line!

Hanson's involvement with urban street trash tries to whisper and shout about environmental priorities, using artwork as a constant model of transformation and transcendence--which thrills her as well as her viewers.

Believing that imagination is a bridge to new thought and options, Hanson wants her art, speaking, writing, curating, everything, to make bridges that lead to wiser choices of collaborating with the earth instead of depleting it.

Hanson states, "A civilization that depends on consuming as its economic base is doomed to eat up the earth and then die," and she hopes the many forms of her work with trash help to make "consumerism" a really bad word and unacceptable practice.
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