Mamiko Hayashi

Country: Japan

Title:  Plate of a Boat

Medium: Porcelain

Size: 30 x 445 x 145 mm

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Hayashi was born Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from the Art History Department of Keiogijuku University. In 1985, she was assistant to Keiji Ito in Tajimi and in 1991, she established her own studio. Using traditional materials, Hayashi is looking for a different way-- new methods and new textures.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Roppongi, Tokyo, 1997; Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo, 1996; Art Box, Tama Plaza, Yokohama, 1996; Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, 1996; Two Person Exhibition, Roppongi, Tokyo, 1995; Hiro, Tokyo, 1995; Japan Craft Exhibition, 1992; Akasaka, Tokyo; 1989; Shinjuku, Tokyo, 1988; and Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, 1986.
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