Carolyn Henzler

Country: USA

Title:  East From First Avenue

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 36" x 30"

The World's Women On-Line!

The color transformations of light upon urban forms have engaged Henzler's creative process for more than fifteen years. Her work, as it approaches the abstract, begins to resemble the pattern of the seasons upon the canyon walls she remembers from her youth.

The materials used in Henzler's work include: printing ink, dry pigment, acrylic medium, India ink, rice paper collage, oil crayon, paint stick, watercolor, charcoal, conte, pencil, and oil paint on linen and/or paper.

She has had seven one-woman shows in alternative exhibition spaces in New York City including: The 90's: Stages, 1995; Urban Horizons, 1992; Urban Solitudes, 1991; and Urban Perceptions, 1990.
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