Anna Calluori Holcombe

Country: USA

Title:  Tondco XXI

Medium: Earthenware clay

Size: 18" diameter

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Holcombe received her MFA in ceramics from Louisiana State University in 1977. Currently she is an Associate Professor of Art and Head of the Art Department at Kansas State University, and President of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

Her work and technique was published in Ceramics Monthly, November 1993, pp 86-88. The Rotary Gold Medal was awarded for her piece in The 46th International Ceramic Exhibit, Faenza, Italy, 1989. She had a solo exhibition at Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York, and she is represented by Oxford Gallery, Rochester, New York.

Drawing from the influence of the many della Robbiás she saw while in Italy, she decided to explore the format of the "tondo", or round relief, incorporating the still life objects she had been using. The plate format is a contained and defined background, as she focuses on the quality of motion and the perception of what might be an unexpected occurrence. Plates spin, cups tip, and other objects are precariously balanced in time and space.
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