Jacqueline Hurdebourcq

Country: France

Title:  Untitled

Medium: Fibers

Size: 140 x 110 cm

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Hurdebourcq is a French artist who weaves contemporary tapestries. She studied at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Belgium, and was the assistant of J. Grau Garriga in Barcelona, Spain.

Using the tradition of high-warp tapestry, Hurdebourcq gives the weft full freedom, thus allowing her imagination, emotion, and sensitivity to take over.

She has exhibited her work in: Tournai, Belgium; Herten, Germany; Stolberg, Germany; Hammamet, Tunisia; Marrakech, Morocco; San Francisco, California; Safed, Israel; Valladolid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; and Grand Palais, Paris.
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