Sarah Jackson

Country: Canada

Title:  Against the Wall, Bosnia Series

Medium: Electronic copier imaging

Size: 11" x 17"

The World's Women On-Line!

Creating art with a color copier has an immediate physical involvement which has obsessed and preoccupied Jackson since 1973. From the intimacy of small formats to enlarged murals, pixel built color tones, transformations of forms and tonalities, shifts of revelations by deconstructing images, and modeling the color process within a spatial continuum, she invents and discovers.

Jackson states, "Preoccupations evolve out of the mystery of being human and wanting to express a testament of art revealing the mystery of human creativity. As we alternate our choices we open doors of our own historic metaphor."

Her selected exhibitions include: Hirshhorn Museum, Washington; National Postal Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull; Tate Gallery, London; and International Film Festivals, Ireland and Australia. She received an Award of Excellence from the Art Museum Association of America.
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