Nanako Kaji

Country: Japan

Title:  Vessel of Memory, 4

Medium: Porcelain

Size: 250 x 360 x 380 mm

The World's Women On-Line!

Kaji was born in Kyoto, Japan. She graduated from the ceramics course at Kyoto Municipal University of Art. Kaji states, "The existence of each and every person rests upon history -- ones own history, the history others have composed, the history of the earth, all encompassed by the history of the universe. Within this world I work on and on to confirm my existence, as infinitely small as it may be."

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto, 1998; Gallery Miharudo, Tokyo, 1997, '95, '94, '91, '88, and '86; Gallery Soh, Sendal, 1997 and '90; Gallery NaNo-rium, Yamanashi, 1996; Gallery SAVOIR VIVRE, Tokyo, 1996 and '89; Gallery M'2 Selection, Ashikaga, 1994; Gallery Yuishin, Osaka, 1985; Utsubo Gallery, Osaka, 1982, '81, and '78; and Gallery 16, Kyoto, 1979 and '78.

Her selected group exhibitions include: The Earth Message In Miho, '95, Gifu, 1995; Meme Pool, Ohara Center, Tokyo, 1991; Vessels of Desire, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo, 1991; On the Earth, Axis Gallery, Tokyo, 1990; Primitivism in Contemporary Ceramics, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga, 1990; Running Art '82, Osaka Contemporary Art Center; Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art; Toyooka Civic Gymnasium, Hyogo Prefecture; Shiga Prefectural Arts and Culture Hallin Yokkaichi; and Ozaki Culture Center, Hyogo Prefecture, 1982; Clay Work - From Pottery to Formative Art, Otsu Seibu Hall, Shiga and Ikebukuro Seibu Hall, Tokyo, 1980; and Art Now '90, The Museum of Modern Art, Hyogo, 1980.
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