Barbara Kasten

Country: USA

Title:  El Medol, Roman Quarry

Medium: Digital jet spray, photomural on canvas

Size: 14' x 42'

The World's Women On-Line!

Kasten photographed El Medol, a Roman quarry located in Tarragona, Spain, using cinematic, night time lighting. Then she used computer technology to complete the work. The panorama consists of five photographs montaged on the computer and painted by computerized jet spray with acrylic lacquer paint on a seamless 42 foot by 14 foot vinyl. There are plans to install the back-lit, curved mural as a permanent outdoor sculpture at the Port of Tarragona.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Place Sazaby / Gallery RAM, Los Angeles, California, 1993; Tinglado Dos, Tarragona, Spain, 1992; John Weber Gallery, New York, 1992; d.p. Fong and Spratt Gallery, San Jose, California, 1992; Spirit Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1991; Photo Forum, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 1991; URBI et ORBI Galerie, Paris, 1991; PARCO Exposure Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1991; and Ehlers-Caudill Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 1990.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Seurat Grows Up, Maine Coast Artist, Rockport, Maine; The Allan Chasanoff Photographic Collection: Tradition and the Unpredictable, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, 1994; Experimental Vision: The Evolution of the Photograph, the Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, 1994; American Made: The New Still Life, Isetan Museum, Tokyo, and Royal College of Art, London, 1993; and Set and Setting, Berland / Hall gallery, New York, 1992.
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