Chieko Katsumata

Country: Japan

Title:  Untitled

Medium: Clay

Size: 23 x 23 x 23 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Katsumata was born in Gotemba, Japan. She attended Japan Women's University before studying ceramics under Pierre Roolot at Ecole Technique des Arts Appliqués, Paris.

Katsumata states, "I am attracted to things -- ancient vessels, weathered loam walls, worn-down painted guardian lion-dogs at a shrine -- that convey the passing of time when I touch them. Though each exists in its place quietly, I can feel the ponderings and nostalgia of other people who have touched them. The same is true with ancient oriental glassware colored with age, eroded metal ornaments from Africa, and lacquerware tables. Each time and each country holds a diversity of expression. I want to add something of myself to the matière woven from the laying of color over color. I repeatedly overlay and strip off pieces of slip-ware to project the mental image inside me."

Her selected exhibitions include: YANAGIHARA Mutsuo and KATSUMATA Chieko Exhibition, Galerie Tazawa, Kyoto, 1995; Three-Person Exhibition, Daiichi Art, New York, 1995; Three-Person Exhibition, Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo, 1994; Contemporary Ceramic Works: Utsuwa, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, 1993; Present in Ceramics, Seibu Department Store, Kobe, 1992; Ceramics of Japan: 100 Selected Products of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Mitsukoshi, Paris, and Tokyo, 1992; and Solo Exhibition, Tamagawa Takashimaya, Tokyo, 1987.
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