Sachiko Kawamura

Country: Japan

Title:  An Astronomical Observatory

Medium: Clay and stone installation

Size: 120 x 880 x 420 cm

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Kawamura graduated from the Ceramics Department of Musashino University of Fine Art. She is a member of Sodensha (Contemporary Ceramic Group), and Japan Craft Designers Association. Kawamura states, "Humans from ancient to modern times have watched the movement of the stars and seen their hopes and dreams reflected in the heavens. A shape takes form as a message from the universe. I try to express abstract images of our green planet floating in space, the center and all that is whirling around it, and the energy of right and left, positive and negative. We have reached a point in time when we must recognize the influence of the stars surrounding earth on even the smallest living things."

Her selected competitions include: Fletcher Challenge International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand, 1995 and '92; Concorso Internazionale Della Ceramica Darte, Italy, 1989; 1st and 2nd International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Mino, Japan, 1989 and '86; 10th, 7th, and 5th Japanese Ceramics Exhibition, 1989, '83, and '79; Japan Craft Exhibition, 1987, '84, and '82; Kazuo Yagi Prize Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition, 1987 and '86; Craft Exhibition, 1983 and '82; 10th Chunichi International Ceramics Exhibition, 1982; and Women's Ceramic Art Exhibition, 1982.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Gallery Ameria, 1996, '94, '92, '90, '87, '85, '82, '81, and '80; Gallery Isogaya, 1993, '90, and '88; Gallery IF, 1992; Gallery Kumanodo, 1992; Gallery Masuda Studio, 1989; Daimaru Dep. Art Gallery, 1985; Tokyo American Club Genkan Gallery, 1983; Gallery Sanaa, 1980; Gallery Hamanoya, 1979; and Gallery Kurita Craft, 1978.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Isetan Museum, Tokyo, every year since 1989; Gallery Ten, 1989 and '88; Fukuoka Prefecture Museum Exhibition, 1989 and '88; Mie Prefecture Museum Exhibition, 1989 and '88; Gallery Apea, 1989 and '88; Kyoto Municipal Museum, every year since 1987; Mino Exhibition, Mino Municipal Museum, 1987; Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, 1987; Nerima Fine Art Museum, 1987; Kuwana Municipal Museum, Mie Prefecture, 1987; Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, Seattle, WA, 1987; Tokyo American Club Genkan Gallery, 1987; Gallery Genkai, Tokyo, 1987 and '86; Gallery Alpha, Tokyo, 1987; Gallery Masuda Studio, Tokyo, 1986 and '85; Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo, 1986; Maple Hill Gallery, Maine, USA, 1986; and Gallery Sanaa, Tokyo, 1981.
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