Tonia Kos

Country: Austria

Title:  Triplum

Medium: Mixed media: timber, cement, and crayon

Size: 1.85 x 1.85 m

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Kos was born in Heudeber, Germany. She now lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She is a member of Club INTAKT and Künstlerhaus. Since 1987, she has designed costumes for the yearly summer theatre festival at Stift Altenburg / Lower Austria. Her artwork has been purchased by the City of Vienna, Federal Province of Lower Austria, Federal Ministry of Arts, and Private collections. She has been presented with awards for her work: Woyty-Wimmer Award, 1995; Hans Czermak Award, 1992; Theodor Körner Award, 1988; and Town of Krems, 1986.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Gallery Aspera, Vienna, 1998; Gallery LaWie, Vienna, 1998; Gallery Jana, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 1997; Gallery Wort und Bild, Vienna, 1997; BarockschlöBl Mistelbach, Lower Austria, 1997; Gallery Sillack, Dresden, Germany, 1995; Künstlerhaus, Cinema Gallery, Vienna, 1995; Castle of Primmersdorf, Lower Austria, 1995; Gallery Victoria Ken, Hotel Intercontinental, Vienna, 1994; Gallery Tiller, Vienna, 1994; Arts Centre Winkelau, Lower Austria, 1993; Club ALPHA, Vienna, 1993; Carmelite Church, Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, 1993; Castle of Mistelbach, Lower Austria, 1992; Bundesländer Insurance Company, Vienna, 1990; Gallery Flutlicht, Vienna, 1989; Kleine Galerie, Vienna, 1988; Gallery Taxham, Salzburg, 1987; Pet-Gallery, Vienna, 1986; Künstlerhaus, Cinema Gallery, Vienna, 1985; Kunstraum Zwölferhaus, Vienna, 1983; and Gallery Vincent, Vienna, 1982.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Steel Art Connection, Hiroshima, Japan, 1998; Austrian Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1998; Austrian Institute, London, 1998; Hastik - Sch&ounl;ttner - Kos, Gallery DUM PANU, Prague, Czech Republic, 1997; 20 Jahre INTAKT, WUK Gallery, Vienna, and Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany, and Stadtgalerie, Kapfenberg, Styria, 1997; Fibre Art on the Outside, Runcorn, Great Britain, 1996; Bakunin - Ein Denkmal, Berlin, Germany, 1996; Club ALPHA, Vienna, 1995; Land Art, Grafenschlag, Lower Austria, 1995; Kairos, Water-Tower, Vienna, 1995; Was WAR ist, National Library, Vienna, 1995; Spaces, Hangzhou, China, 1995; Light, Munich, Germany, 1995; Gallery Victoria Ken, Hotel Intercontinental, Vienna, 1994; Exhibition of Prints, Maastricht, 1993; Exhibition of Prints, Skopje, former Yugoslavia and Castle of Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria, 1992; and International Print Biennale 91, Varna, Bulgaria, 1991.
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