Marjorie K. Kouns

Country: USA

Title:  Trenado (detail)

Medium: Textile pigment on vinyl

Size: 90" x 72"

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Kouns is an internationally exhibited painter, photographer, and multimedia artist. She has developed an unusual technique of working with her own hand as a brush in a unique application of paint onto vinyl canvases. Kouns states, "Human beings have used the open hand print as a signature from the French caves of Lascaux and the Aboriginal tribal works of Australia to the tombs in China. This mystical and mysterious symbol has haunted Kouns and she has collected thousands of palm prints to create works which engage the viewer in an 'experience of the hand' as giving and receiving, pulling into the larger picture, keeping one at arm's distance, fending off others, and also exploring the need to touch in a society that is becoming less and less tactile, yet more technological and isolated. The combination of painting and sculpting actions of her own hand have made her work evolve into a crossover from exploration of this symbolism towards a unique aspect of mind-body connection."

Kouns received her BFA in Sculpture from Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington. Her selected solo exhibitions include: Amerika Haus, United States Information Service, Berlin, Germany, 1997; Satellite Mural Project, in conjunction with 3 German Mothers Centers, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Munich, 1997; Selected Works, Citibank, 1997; New Place, New Space, New York, 1981; and Illinois House, Bloomington, 1979.

Her selected group exhibitions include: World Artists For Tibet, Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, 1998; Art of Change, Times Square Hotel, New York, 1998; U.N. Beijing One Year Later Event, United Nations International Headquarters, New York, 1996; Healing Through the Arts/ The Art of Healing, Times Square Hotel, New York, 1994; Noble Efekts Gallery, New York, 1994; Public Visions/Public Monuments, Soho 20, New York, 1986; Show and Tell, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, 1983; Spare Parts Show, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York, 1983; 25th Annual Small Sculpture and Drawing Show, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, 1979; and 6th Annual Lincoln Center Exhibition, Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, New York, 1979.

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