Ivica Krosláková

Country: Slovakia

Title:  Symphonia Humana 1996

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 70 x 50 cm

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Krosláková was born in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. She has studied at The Secondary School of Visual Arts, Bratislava; Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava (Painting); Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (Painting); Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Painting); and Academy of Music and Drama, Bratislava (Stage Design). She has also attended various art symposiums in Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, and Austria.

Artistic freedom confronts her with various materials. She treats photo canvas and foil in the same way as tow-cloth. Artistic methods blending these materials can be compared to the harmonizing balance found in the art of the Orient. An essential difference and a shift reside in the articulation of symbols which do not assume or evoke sacred character. Rites and processes involved in the manipulation of the fabric take place within a peculiar phenomenon of "unrivaled" objectivity.

Krosláková is a member of Zdruzenie GERULATA, Bratislava; International Women in Art, Vienna, Austria; Intakt Gruppe, Vienna, Austria; Salon d'Automne, Paris, France; and European Art Group, Les Issambres, France. She won 1st Prize, Decorative Art Section and 7th Prize, Total Competition in Grand Concours Internationale 1997, Féderation Nationale de la Culture, Centre Culturel, "European Art Group," Les Issambres, France.
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