Alex Lomónaco

Country: Argentina

Title:  Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, at Midnight

Medium: Pure cotton, dyed cotton strings on linen

Size: 36 x 36 cm

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Lomónaco received her degree from the Manuel Belgrano National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied music, painting, sculpture, engraving, and drawing. She began her needlework later, on her own. Lomónaco states, "My tapestries are not the result of any sort of 'intellectual' effort. They simply 'happen' as if someone else had worked for months with the needle." She uses only natural fibers and does not keep to any sketch or preconceived color arrangement. Prehispanic art and Latin American ethnias are her main source of inspiration-- explaining why she likes to name what she does "Ethnic Art."

Lomónaco has attended a number of workshops in fiber arts while living in Argentina and abroad. She has traveled (and lived) extensively throughout Latin America; studying with particular emphasis the artistic expressions of Latin American ethnic groups, in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Uruguay.

She had a solo exhibition at the Women's Institute of Higher Studies in the Arts, San Angel, Mexico, 1982. Her group exhibitions include: 10th National Hall of Textile Arts, National Direction of Visual Arts, National Secretariat of Cultura, Emiliano Ruiz Guiñazú-Casa Fader Museum, Mendoza, and Salas Nacionales, Buenos Aires, 1996 and '97; 6th Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 1991 and '92; Annual Hall to honor Roman Alegre, Latin American Visual Artists Association (ALAP), 1991; 8th National Hall of Textile Arts, National Direction of Visual Arts, National Secretariat of Culture, Recoleta Art Center, Buenos Aires, 1990; 5th Hall of Small Formats, ALAP, Buenos Aires, 1990; Hall of Abstracts, ALAP, Buenos Aires, 1990; French Alliance Hall, ALAP, Buenos Aires, 1990.
Alex Lomónaco may be contacted at Alf. Bouchard 3425, (1636) Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina; tel: 54-1-717-3434; fax: 54-1-717-3320
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