Margot Lovejoy

Country: USA

Title:  Hall of Memory

Medium: Video projection installation

Size: 37' x 27'

The World's Women On-Line!

Lovejoy was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada. She studied at Mount Allison University, Canada; L'Academie Julian, Paris; St. Martin's School of Art, London; and at Pratt Institute, New York. She has taught at Pratt and Parsons School of Design and is currently Professor of Visual Arts at the State University of New York at Purchase. Lovejoy is a visual artist with broad interests in several fields. Her multimedia projection installations cross over the areas of sculpture and photography to intersect with cinematic concepts. her work has been exhibited internationally and has received many awards. Lovejoy was the recipient of a 1987-'88 Guggenheim Fellowship and a 1994-'95 Arts International Grant. She has created the following artist books: Labyrinth, Paradoxic Mutationsand The Book of Plagues.She is author of Postmodern Currents: Art And Artist In The Age of Electronic Mediawhich is in its Second Edition published by Prentice Hall, 1997.

In her projection installations, Lovejoy constructs dramatic theatrical environments and experiences. These installation works are designed to raise questions rather than to answer them. Her work acts as an instructive medium, encouraging the viewer to examine the content of long-held beliefs, throwing out the challenge to re-evaluate them. She draws on science, art, history, philosophy, popular media and other fields, synthesizing them into a form that reflects an ironic understanding of the structure of our culture.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Storm from Paradise, video installation with Miles Dudgeon, Stephen Gang Gallery, New York, 2001; Site Readings, Granary Books Gallery, New York, 1994; La Disparition de L'Alphabet, Galerie Toner, Paris, 1994; Academic Spirit, New York State Museum, Albany, 1993; Contacts / Proofs, Jersey City Museum, New Jersey, 1993; Mostra da Gravura Mostra America, Curitiba, Brazil, 1992; At the Intersection of Cinema & the Book, Granary Books Gallery, New York, 1992; Philadelphia Print Club Invitational, Pensylvania, 1989; Committed to Print, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1988; and Labyrinth, traveling: Queens Museum of Art, 1995; Arronson Gallery, Philadelphia, 1993; Islip Art Museum, New York, 1992; Alternative Museum,1990; and East End Arts, Philadelphia,1988.
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