Bettina Massie

Country: Greece

Title:  Dreamer Drowning

Medium: Watercolor

The World's Women On-Line!

Massie's collage-paintings attempt to fuse irrational and objective elements, both past and present, dream and actuality, so that multiple dimensions are expressed on one plane.

Her themes are dreams, hallucinations, and spiritual states using subject matter such as human faces or figures in her landscapes to symbolize an emotion, a state of the psyche or spirit of the place. Her use of watercolor and collage are both transparent and opaque like life itself to express immersion or drowning in the subconscious; or a psychic awakening - genesis and rebirth through the content and flow of color and line.

Her selected exhibitions include: Cafe-Gallery, Halikiada, Agistri, Greece; Hotel Brown, Aegine Island, Greece; The Kallidromio, Athens, Greece, and Theris Hotel, Agistri, Greece. Her work has been reviewed in The Athenian Magazine.
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