Kelly McClung

Country: USA

Title:  Face Within

Medium: Oil pastel, acrylic, and ink

Size: 36" x 36"

The World's Women On-Line!

Having been a woman all of this life and a mother for half of it, McClung feels a bond and sisterhood with women and mothers from all walks of life and cultures around the world. Through her work, she expresses what her personal life is about: giving birth, being a lover, a mother, a healer, a conflict solver, a motivator, a survivor.

McClung helps others to see and experience what woomanhood is about. It is not always a pretty picture. It is a complex layering of ideas and ideals. Diverse media juxtaposed on each other, such as steel and fur, plexiglass and barbed wire, paint and acetate, exemplify a portion of these complexities.

Her selected exhibitions include: Valentine's Exhibit, Barhart Gallery, University of Kentucky, 1994; Rust Never Sleeps, Barhart Gallery, University of Kentucky, 1993; solo exhibition, Senior Citizens Center, Lexington, Kentucky, 1985; Live Noise, Arts Place, Lexington, Kentucky, 1985; All Kentucky Art Exhibit, Frankfort Plaza Hotel, 1983; and Lexington Art League Sculpture Show, Lexington Art League, 1982.
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