Sally McKenna

Country: USA

Title:  Grafitti Tree

Medium: Rusted painted steel, woven handloomed fiber, woven canvas, painted fiber, treated copper

Size: 5' x 4' x 4"

The World's Women On-Line!

McKenna, a mixed-media sculptor, welds a framework of steel, copper, and brass that holds pleated, woven fibers and painted canvas. Her wall sculptures hang in many corporate collections such as the Princess Cruise Lines, Toyota Corporation, Koll Corporation, Amoco Corporation, Penn Central Corporation and the Great Western Life Corporation.

After establishing herself as an artist in Arizona, her love of Celtic art and Ireland led her to start a new studio and international center in County Mayo, Ireland. The 1918 Glore Mill near Kiltimagh has been rebuilt to house an art school, studio, gallery, communications, and wholeness center for the community and all who are interested in the arts.

She can be reached at her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona, telephone: (480) 585-7034; or through the Laura Paul Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio; Mark Bronson Fine Art in Santa Monica, California; and the Kenny Gallery in Galway, Ireland.
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