Christine Merton

Country: England

Title:  Citizens Contribution Clothes Stack

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 8 x 1.9 x .5 m

The World's Women On-Line!

Christine Merton's work is founded on underlying philosophical and anthropological values and evolves through transitional processes ranging between ethical and aesthetic principles using mixed media and related techniques. Merton's early work was figurative. Her present work includes abstract three-dimensional pieces and large constructions.

Merton's exhibitions and installations are predominantly at publicly funded venues in Great Britain, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Her publications include: Thresholds, Christine Merton with an essay by Mel Gooding, IBSN 0 95281 3300; Arts in the Primary School, Rod Taylor, The Falmer Press; Approaching Art & Design, Rod Taylor, Longman; Ceramics Monthly, Jan. 1989; and Künst & Handwerk, 1983 (L 21214 F).
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