Hye-Ja Moon

Country: Korea

Title:  Sculpture After Symphonic Poem "Tod und Verklarung," op. 24 by Richard Strauss

Medium: Bronze

Size: 83 x 36 x 30 cm

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Moon was born in Pusan, Korea and now lives in Seoul, Korea. She received her BFA from the Department of Sculpture, Fine Art College, Hongik University and her MFA from the School of Fine Art, Sungshin Women's University. She has also studied abstract painting under Edie Read in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, Moon is Professor at Changan College, Korea.

For her current series of works, she repeatedly listens to and appreciates the same music for a week to ten days experienceing the comprehensive emotion which had not been felt before. She finds the wonder and the new essence of the music which then leads to a sculpture. She states, "I have experienced the pain and exultation crossing moments as if I were the very composer who made the piece."

Moon has shown her work in eight solo exhibitions (Seoul, Korea and Toronto, Canada), and in about 200 invitational and group exhibitions. She is a member of the Association of Korean Contemporary Plastic Artists, the Association of Hongik Sculptors, and the Association of Korean Fine Art.
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