Arillyn Moran-Lawrence

Country: USA

Title:  Mascaras de Conversacion

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 25" x 36"

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Moran-Lawrence received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah. She also studied Graphic Arts at the Southern California Art Institute and the Univerisity of California, Irvine.

Moran-Lawrence's media include: the mixed media technique of watercolor, India ink, and aquarelle to which imparts the look and feel of etching, painting, and printmaking blended into one.

Her work has been exhibited in: the Arts for the Parks,1990 and 1993; Audubon Artists, New York City; Women Artists of the West, Taos, New Mexico; the National Association of Women Artists, New York City, 1995; as well as in museums and cultural centers in Southern California.
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