Sarah Murphy

Country: Canada

Title:  The Sunrise Ruby

Medium: Mixed media: acrylic, watercolored silkened rice paper, and collaged poetic verse

Size: 30" x 48"

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Born in Canada, Sarah Murphy, the daughter of an artistic and theatrical family, was raised in a world intensely focused on color, form and imagination. Her unique style, which she refers to as "magical realism," fuses the art elements and imagination in a spirited blend of realism and impressionism. Murphy creates her own language, going beyond stylistic constraints to portray her intense spirit and playfulness. She has developed a unique vocabulary of palette and style that she employs with enticing effect. Her palettes are of a variety of mediums -- watercolors, oils, acrylics, all of which she uses with ease and confidence to create the variety of paintings which demonstrate the versatility of an artist who moves from still life to figurative without compromising her identity. Murphy created The Sunrise Ruby with acrylic paint. Then she also collaged into it (in certain areas) watercolored silkened rice paper and English translations of some select verses by Rumi, a 12th century ecstatic poet from Persia. In these "songs", Rumi speaks of beauty, friendship and love. He compares his love to the light that shines through a ruby when held up to the sun.

Murphy received her diploma in Design & Illustration from L'Academie des Couturiers Canadiennes, Ontario, Canada. She has the distinction of being an Honorary Member of the Museum of Latin Art, Miami, Florida, and is a member of the Women's Art Society of Montreal, Canada. Her work has been published in Quebec in Magazinarts, Dec. 2003 & Sept. 2002 and Voir, Dec. 2003. Galeries which have shown her work include: Le Centre d'Art, Saint Anne de Bellevue, Quebec; Galerie Vivarts, Laval, Quebec; Galerie Art et Culture, Vieux, Montreal, Quebec; Galerie Soleil, Montreal, Quebec; and Galerie Vivarts, St-Georges, Quebec.

Her selected exhibitions include: Galerie Art' et Miss, Paris, France, 2004; Bromont en Art, Bromont, Quebec, 2004; Montreal Artishow, Place Ville Marie, Montreal, 2004; Javitz Center, Manhattan, New York, 2003; Montreal Artishow, Montreal Winter Garden, Montreal, 2003; Miami Art Museum, Miami, Florida, 2003; Soulange sur Richelieu Art Symposium, Quebec, 2003; St. Julie Art Fair, St. Julie, Quebec, 2003; Galerie Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain, 2002; Return from Barcelona, Galerie Vivarts, Laval, Quebec, 2002; and Montreal Artishow, Montreal, Quebec, 2002.

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