Giti Norouzian

Country: Iran

Title:  The World of Red Fish

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Size: 35 X 70 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Norouzian received her BA in Painting from Alzahra University in Tehran, Iran. In addition to working as a painter, from 1995-'96 she was Art Consultant for Behposh Co. and Jamebaft Co. after having been Art Consultant for Boresh Magazine from 1992-'95 in Tehran. Her paintings are represented in Europe by the Galerie d'art le Palais Orientel in Montreux, Switzerland.

Norouzian's paintings are a combination of modern art and traditional Iranian motifs with bright colors such as vermilion reds with crimson, ultramarine blue or yellow and violet. Using golden and silver colors dates back to the time of miniatures, and portrays sun and water. Another aspect is geometric motifs such as circles, stars and Bote Jegheh, which is an abstract form of Shiraz Cyprus trees in wind. This form is used in fabrics and other decoration in Iranian culture. Calligraphy is the other main characteristic of her work. Sometimes it is used as collage and sometimes it is written by Norouzian. She enjoys Iranian calligraphy and using famous poems by Hafez and Molana in a form of Nasti-Alligh.

Norouzian's work is on permanent exhibition in the Galerie d'art le Palais Orientel, Montreux, Switzerland. Other exhibitions include: The Gallery 01, London, 2001; Galerie d'art le Palais Orientel, Montreux, Switzerland, 1999-2001; Sayhun Gallery, Tehran, 1998; Amir Kabir Gallery, Tehran, 1994; and National Iranian Steel Company, Tehran, 1994.

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