Chie Ohtani

Country: Japan

Title:  The Sky of Nepal

Medium: Wax dyeing on silk

Size: 135 x 190 cm

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Because Ohtani feels there is a life drama of human history, her work sometimes manifests the visionary and other lyric space that praises life in the earth; especially the cosmic Mandara or bubble in the sea. She states, "Recently I feel a great interest in the circle that is a completed form...and in the transience of life." She addresses these in her artwork using a wax-resist dye process.

Since 1973 her work has been included in the Annual Exhibition at the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Competition, Nitten. Recently, she had the solo exhibition, Chie Ohtani: The World of Rozome, The Nippon Gallery, New York, 1998. Ohtani has also had over fifteen solo and group exhibitions which include: Ohkura Gallery, Tokyo, 1989; Koju Garo Gallery, Kyoto, 1990; and Maronie Gallery, Kyoto, 1994.

Her professional awards and honors include: 1986 Purchase Award by Ziegelhausen, West Germany and an exhibition at the 1990 Osaka International Flower and Greenery Exposition.
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