Hitoko Okai

Country: Japan

Title:  The Planet II

Medium: Clay

Size: 21" x 20" x 20"

The World's Women On-Line!

Okai was born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. She became involved with the Ohara Style of Japanese Flower Arrangement, and was even an instructor for more than fifteen years. One of her initial motivations to start ceramic art in 1981, was to create her own vases for her flower arrangements. Okai became more involved in ceramic art after she lost her eldest son in a plane crash in 1983. Through her art, she has been expressing her love for a son, anger toward an incident, and the sorrow of a mother losing a child.

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Hakata Daimaru Department Store Gallery, Fukuoka, 1993, '90, and '88; Nishijin Iwataya Department Store Gallery, Fukuoka, 1992; Harajyuku Komon Gallery, Tokyo, 1988; and Muraokaya Gallery, Fukuoka, 1986.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Korea - Japan Contemporary Ceramics, Exchange Exhibition, Korea, 1997; Japan - Korea Open Air Ceramic Exhibition, Kyushu, 1996; 1st Exhibition of Ceramic Art in the Field, Kyoto, 1994; Jyoryu Togei Exhibition (Women's Ceramic Art), Kyoto, 1991, '87, and '86; 1st Exhibition of Kyushu Glass Art, Fukuoka, 1990; Fukuoka Prefecture Art Exhibition, Fukuoka, 1990, '89, '88, and '87; Kyushu Modern Technical Art Exhibition, Arita, 1990, '89 and '87; Soudeishya no Nakamatachi, Exhibition, Fukuoka, 1989; Bordeaux Art Exhibition, France, 1989 and '87; Fukuoka City Art Exhibition, Fukuoka, 1988, '87, '84, and '83; and Asahi Togei Exhibition, Nagoya, 1987.
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