Raffaella Pintus

Country: Italy

Title:  In Silent

Medium: Collage on paper

Size: 72 x 103 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Raffaella Pintus is an Italian painter, born in Sardinia. She grew up in a family where artistic creation was very important. Pintus observed her mother, a painter and poet, as her mother developed her art. She studied at the Paolo Toschi Institute for the Arts, Parma, Italy. She collaborated with other artists, while working on several painting projects and exhibited her work in different galleries in Parma and Reggio Emilia. She currently lives in the Chianti countryside near Florence.

Pintus' research has turned to collage and oil painting, both on paper and board. She is exhibiting her new work in the center of Florence at coffee and cappuccino cafés.
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