Heleni Polichronatou

Country: Greece

Title:  Eco Festival, National Garden, Athens, 2000

Medium: Wood and red

Size: 4 x 10 x 0,4 m

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Polichronatou was born in Athens, Greece. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She graduated in 1985. She was awarded two scholarships from the State Institution of Scholarships. The need to investigate volume, mass, and three-dimension led her once more to the School of Art to study sculpture, graduating again in 1993. Polichronatou went on to obtain a PhD in Art History. She has published texts on the relation of art with the ecology, environment, public space, and technology. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Art, Greek Sculptors' Association, and School of Art Graduates' Association. She now teaches at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

In her painting and sculpture, Polichronatou uses distinct forms taken from the world: man, trees, mountains, stars, birds, and moon along with other more abstract forms, such as cross and infinity signs. By attributing symbols to letters she creates an alphabet from our world. Polichronatou's solo exhibitions include: Mind's Landscape, E.P.A.S.K.T, Athens, Greece, 2006; The Words Through the P. C., DIAVASIS, Athens,1999; The Words That Move, E.P.A.S.K.T, Athens, 1998; The Words in Three Dimensions, Greek Sculptors' Association, Athens, 1997; and Painting the Words, National Gallery of Athens School of Art, Athens, 1996.

Her group exhibitions include: Cette Fois- ci Il Ne Faut Pas Oublier, Une Exposition 'Brûlée' Maison de la Grèce, Paris, France, 2009; Cultures Solidaires, Sacre Cur, Casablanca, Morocco, 2005; Bridges, Exhibition Hall, Chamber of Commerce, Smyrna, Turkey, 2004; Courant D_ _rt, Unesco Palace, Beirut, Lebanon, 2003; 6th Biennale in Quebec, Quebec , Canada, 2002; Greek-Turkish FAM Art Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey, 2002; Dare to Be Different, Fier, Albania, 2001; 5th Biennale in Quebec, Quebec, Canada, 2000; Month of Visual Art, Technopolis, Athens, Greece, 2001; Eco Festival, National Garden, Athens, 2001 & 2000; Small Size Sculpture, Ionion Center, Athens, 2001; Andreas Laskaratos, International Congress, Cephalonia, Greece, 2001; Contemporary Greek Sculpture, Budapest, Romania, 2000; 1st International Forum of FAM Network for the Culture of Peace, Rhodes,Greece, 2000; 1st Pan-Hellenic Symposium of Fine Arts, Samothrace, Greece, 2000; Sculpture at the YGEIA Hospital, Athens, 2000; and Park of the Future, Westergasfabrik, Amsterdam, 1999.
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