Carol Prusa

Country: USA

Title:  Eve

Medium: Egg tempera and gold leaf

Size: 31" x 19"

The World's Women On-Line!

Prusa combines contemporary gender investigations with religious iconography to create images in both the religious and cultural sense that make statements about motherhood and art and their relation to social valuation.

Prusa is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Iowa State University where she teaches drawing and painting and produces work in painting, installation, and performance.

Prusa recently received the Directors Award at the Halpert Biennial; had a two-person exhibit at A.R.C. Gallery in Chicago; had a solo exhibition entitled, Divine Iconoclasm, at Appalachian State University; and has exhibited at: Philadelphia International Contemporary Art Competition III, Rodger LaPelle Gallery, Philadelphia; and North American Contemporary Works, Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, California.
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