Dianne L. Roman

Country: USA

Title:  Garden of the Goddess Series

Medium: Computer generated image from hand-made book

The World's Women On-Line!

Roman received her BFA in 3-D/Textile Arts from Kent State University, Ohio and her MFA in Interrelated Media (focus: computers as an art tool) from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She is interested in the diversity of imagery made readily available with electronic tools and the creation of sensuous surface textures. Selection of ideas, images, juxtapositions, and potential transformations by the computer are critical decisions from the begining of each work.

The images in Roman's work range from personal history to current events or fantasy. One theme she uses is personal space. She creates or depicts a reverent space for one's self, which we all need or crave for -- often represented by a garden metaphor.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Be Our Valentine, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York Chapter, New York, 1995; Beyond the Digital, Montserrat College of Art, Boston, Massachusetts, 1994; Imagination '94, Desktop Video Conference - Opening Dutch Royal Trade Fair (where she worked on location at Picture Tell, Danvers, Massachusetts, and her works appeared in Ultrecht, Holland), 1994; But is it Art? Currents in Electronic Imaging, Pacific Lutheran College, Tacoma, Washington, 1993; 1992 National Art Show, National Society of Artists, Santa Fe, Texas, 1992; Digital Photography / Interactive Multimedia, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California, 1992; SIRP '92, Salon International de la Recherché Photographique, Royan Cedez, France; and Illuminance, Do While Studio, Boston, Massachusetts, 1991.
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