Marina Saba

Country: Rep. of Georgia

Title:  White Cat II

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 36" x 22"

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Saba was born in the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia. She studied Painting, Drawing, and Art in General at the Special School of Art; earned a Master of Sports License and Certificate from the Special School of Artistic Gymnastics; and received a Diploma and Teachers License from the Special School of Ballroom Dance. She also received her Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia; received practical training in Fashion Illustration from the Art Institute in Tallin, Republic of Estonia; did Post Graduate work at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; and received her Post Graduate Degree in Visual Arts from Stenberg Palace & National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.

From 1996 and '97, Saba's selected exhibitions in the United States include: Gathering Gallery, Beaumont, Texas; La Sharle Gallery, Houston, Texas; Sarag Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah; and Firster Fine Art, Charlottesville, Virginia. From 1995 and '96, her selected exhibitions in European countries include: Gallery Plessis, Rue Grebilon, Nantes, France; Emmanuel Gallery, Grande Rue, Nancy, France; Izola, Slovenia; and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Rimini, Turin, Italy. From 1994, her selected exhibitions include: Solo Exhibition, J.W. Marriott, Houson, Texas; Neches River Art Exhibition, Beaumont, Texas; Nederland Art Guild Show, Texas (Best of Show); Gold Coast Fine Art Show, Beaumont, (Best of Show); Houston Art Society Show, Houston, (First Place); and 3-D Show, Brown & Scurlock Gallery, Beaumont, (2nd Place).

Her earlier selected overseas exhibitions with awards include: International Exhibition, Shanghai, China (1st Place), 1990; International Fair, Izmir, Turkey (Diploma with Honors), 1990; Exhibition, Central Achievement Area, Moscow, Russia (Diplomas with Honors), 1988 and '87; All Union Festival, Cheliabinsk, Russia (Diploma with Honors), 1988; Exhibition, Delhi, India (Diploma with Honors), 1987; International Exhibition, Vienna, Austria (Diploma with Honors), 1987; Exhibition of Achievements, Katovice, Poland (1st Place), 1987; Exhibition of Achievements, Tbilisi, Georgia (1st Place), 1986; International Fair, Bucharest, Romania (Diploma with Honors), 1985; International Fair, Budapest, Hungary (Diploma with Honors), 1984; ART & Design Selection exhibition, Berlin, Germany (1st Place); and All Union Exhibition of Diploma works, Moscow, Russia (Diploma with Honors), 1982.
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