Shelly Sacks

Country: South Africa

Title:  The Struggle Continues

Medium: Painted relief

The World's Women On-Line!

Sacks, an artist, writer, lecturer, and cultural organizer, has been engaged in interdisciplinary explorations in South Africa and Germany since the late '80's and in the United Kingdom since 1990. Her explorations range across the subjects of art, politics, alterative education focusing on art, liberation, democratic process, social sculpture, and re-conceptualizing art as a social process.

Her recent project, Thought Banks, shown at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994 and '95, involves water as a carrier of memory, imagination, and ideas (in a Remembering- Rethinking- Renewal process). Here are 'social healing arenas' involving viewers as active participants in transformative psycho-social processes, that redefine the 'aesthetic' as integral to imaginative social practice / social sculpture.

Sacks is a student of Joseph Beuys, (collaborator in the Free International University since the early '70's and currently Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Arts exploring 'new art practices for social transformation'). Sacks was the organizer of 'Social Sculpture' Colloquium, Glasgow, '95; and she has recently completed a paper on Joseph Beuys, Pedagogy and the 'Healing of Art', which appeared in Issues. She can be contacted via Fax: +44 115 9821380; or e-mail:
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